IN PROGRESS: This section is in the early planning stages and is subject to change. Stay tuned for details.

To effectively assess where best to streamline statewide-wide government software procurement and development, Code California has developed the California Government Software Inventory protocol. The intent of CGSI is to itemize available state government software for re-use and introduce a standardize schema that effectively documents this.

The CGSI, distinct from the public inventory, is not a requirement for participation, but recommended as part of a process to assess software development redundancies and adopt a collaborative, resource-focused approach to innovation and fiscal responsibility.

Once an agency has inventoried its software, the Code Coordinator will assist in ensuring projects are published to a public-facing open source code sharing platform that can then be cataloged on


Inclusion criteria for CGSI:

  • Custom developed software (government/vendor)


Based on the code.json schema, used for data management, Code California has created a template to assist with state government software inventory documentation:


Code California is developing project categorization guidance to aid in the findability of relevant government software releases. This will also help in realizing opportunities to merge or eliminate redundant development efforts.

See the CGSI template Tags sheet for guidance (and comment on additional tags by submitting a new issue).