To facilitate a culture of exponential public sector digital innovation, Code California welcomes contributions from all members of the government technology ecosystem.


Code California hosts an online and in person network for its community:

  • Slack (codeCAgov / join)

  • The community can also participate and meet others through the Department of Technology’s (CDT) Digital Web Services Network Quarterly meetings.


The Code California community works to serve these core user groups:

  • The People of California, so that they receive the most efficient, effective digital government services possible.

  • California government workforce, so that they can best serve the People of California.


Code California community members include:

  • California state government agencies/employees

  • California county/city government agencies/employees

  • California technology vendors

  • General public designers/developers/technologists

  • Technology/Service Delivery-focused nonprofit organizations


Code California is led collaboratively and actively supported by these California state agencies and initiatives:

Working group

The Code California Working Group is comprised of Code Coordinators from each California state agency. The Code California Working Group is led by the California Department of Technology Code Coordinator.

Working group members perform the following functions:

  • Champion open source adoption to California state/local governments

  • Serve as Code California community leaders/moderators

  • Organize and facilitate Code California open space sessions

  • Work to increase project contribution and participation in

  • Review and publish quarterly participation metrics updates

Product owner

Code California is led by a product owner sponsored by the California Government Operations Agency (acting). The PO is responsible for:

  • Translating community input and lessons learned into continuous improvement action items

  • Serving as the primary point of contact on general inquiries related to Code California

  • Coordinating administrative aspects of Working Group activities

Code coordinators

Each agency/entity should have a designated code coordinator that:

  • Serves as the agency's primary open source point of contact

  • Serves as administrator of the agency’s code sharing platform organization account

  • Manages the publishing/maintenance of the agency's code.json file