Code California is an open collaboration between agencies, industry technology partners and civic technologists working to code a more innovative, collaborative and effective government that best serves the people of California.


To cultivate an authentic, supportive, open, collaborative network of digital government innovators and facilitate California state agency implementation of the Open Source Software (OSS)and Code Reuse policy as outlined in Technology Letter 18-02.


Code California will unite, educate and inspire the California government technology community to build a foundation for digital government services through an open, decentralized approach to code and organizational collaboration.


  • We serve in the interest of the public and want to be a trusted source

  • We maximize taxpayer value by fostering interoperability

  • We work and collaborate in the open

What we strive for

(*Repurposed from 18*F)

We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive culture that empowers people to provide outstanding public service. That kind of atmosphere requires an open exchange of ideas balanced by thoughtful guidelines. If we have only openness, colleagues who are on the receiving end of thoughtless or intentionally hurtful comments and behavior may reasonably withdraw. If we have overly intrusive guidelines, people may feel unwelcome.

It would be impossible to list everything public servants can do to create a more welcoming space, and we know this team will find ways to include their colleagues that we haven't even thought of. But when in doubt, we encourage you to look to these principles for guidance:

  • Practice empathy and humility.

  • Assume competence in your colleagues, clients and the public.

  • Assume that everyone we work with is doing their best work for the public.

  • Listen carefully and actively.

  • Ask questions, and seek to understand your partners' context.

  • Encourage other people to listen as much as they speak.

  • Treat other people's identities and cultures with respect. Make an effort to say people's names correctly and refer to them by their chosen pronouns.